Mobile Roaming: The Brexit Betrayal!

Just when you thought you could enjoy your European getaway without a care in the world, the cruel reality of roaming charges comes crashing down on unsuspecting holidaymakers. Despite their pre-Brexit promises, some of the UK’s biggest mobile networks have shamelessly reintroduced these dreaded fees, leaving travellers in disbelief in a cost of living crisis. Brace yourselves for the latest episode in the never-ending saga of broken Brexit promises.

The culprits in question include the likes of EE, Vodafone, Three, Sky, and Talkmobile, all of whom have unapologetically brought back roaming charges with a vengeance. EE, the second-largest provider in the UK, has the audacity to charge contract customers a jaw-dropping £2.29 per day or £15 per month to use their data and calls plans. As for pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers, they can expect to be fleeced with a daily charge of £2.50 or a steep £10 for seven days, in addition to their usual home charges.

Not to be outdone, Three and Sky have settled for a flat rate of £2 per day, slapping an extra £28 onto the bills of unsuspecting holidaymakers embarking on a two-week adventure. And let’s not forget Vodafone, with their contract customers facing charges of £2.25 per day, £10 for eight days, or a staggering £15 for a 15-day trip, depending on their chosen plan. Even PAYG customers are not spared, forced to cough up £7 for eight days on top of their regular charges.

But all hope is not lost. If you find yourself trapped in one of these merciless contracts, a glimmer of salvation may still be within reach. Before you embark on your European escapade, be sure to check your provider’s website for the grim truth about what lies ahead. And if there’s a sliver of freedom left, consider taking your business elsewhere, bidding farewell to these roaming charge-happy networks.

Now, let us not forget the few knights in shining armour who have resisted the temptation to join this roaming charge frenzy. O2, Virgin Media, Giffgaff, and a host of other smaller providers deserve our applause for their honourable stance against European roaming fees. And we must give credit where it’s due: Tesco Mobile, while succumbing to the allure of European roaming charges, has at least granted its customers a respite for the year 2023.

Cast your mind back to 2017, when the EU rightfully banished roaming charges within its member countries. It was a moment of triumph, a victory for the people, and a testament to the power of European legislation. Alas, Brexit had other plans, and the safeguards against roaming charges were left behind as we sailed into uncertain waters. Imagine the plight of families venturing abroad this summer, torn between two members enjoying free calls and data while the other unfortunate souls are condemned to shell out £28 more for a holiday. This is the bitter reality of a Brexit betrayal.

Prepare yourselves for the astronomical costs that lie ahead triggered directly by Brexit. 

Source: The Guardian: Roaming charges: how to avoid the dreaded phone bills | Mobile phones

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