Shoppers back re-joining EU at Enfield for Europe’s National Rejoin March pro-EU action day | Enfield for Europe

Enfield people gave an overwhelmingly positive response to Enfield for Europe campaigners calling for Enfield and the UK to re-join the EU in Enfield Town on Saturday.
Group supporters including former British MEP Brendan Donnelly (see attached group picture) handed out more than 600 flyers to appreciative shoppers as part of National Day for Rejoin events across the country organised by the National Rejoin March.
Enfield voted in the 2016 referendum by 55.8% to 44.2% to stay in the EU and judging by Saturday’s positive response, that Remain majority is only likely to have increased as evidence of the damage Brexit is causing to the UK’s economy and politics piles up.
“The momentum to re-join the EU is really picking up now,” an Enfield for Europe spokesman said.
“Brexit damage is there for everyone to see, such as empty supermarket shelves, higher costs, staff shortages, travel chaos, sewage spills and loss of rights to freely work and live across the continent.
Polls now clearly show a majority of people think leaving the world’s biggest single trading bloc and peace project was a mistake and we need to re-join the EU’s single market and the customs union at the very least.
“Even Rishi Sunak himself has told Northern Ireland that having “privileged access” to the SM as well as the UK market is an “unbelievably special position” and the best of both worlds, so the question is why can’t Enfield and the rest of the UK have that?”
Brendan Donnelly said: “The longer we remain outside the EU, the more damage we will face economically, politically and constitutionally. Westminster politicians must start listening and responding to changing public opinion, reject Brexit and back another referendum.
Anyone interested in supporting Enfield for Europe can sign up by visiting www.enfieldforeurope.com

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