Tell Uxbridge’s voters to reject Johnson’s Brexit legacy by voting for the Rejoin EU Party

Tell us what you’d tell Uxbridge residents in this By-Election.

Labour’s latest plan to try to tweak the UK’s Brexit deal with the EU is merely desperate fiddling around the edges of a growing crisis.

Meanwhile, City analysts are warning that interest rates are fast heading towards 6% as the Bank of England struggles to control soaring inflation that former Bank governor Mark Carney has blamed squarely on Brexit.

The Uxbridge By-Election is a chance for local residents to really make a mark. What message would you send to them?

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We need to rejoin EU as soon as possible before we are just sidelined as a country For all the time when we were in the EU it always was one foot in one foor out due to the MPs . We now need to join and really work as a part of the EU and not just a add on bit . We still keep our ID as Brisitsh , Just as the other members keep their country ID and local customs.
we should have never left the eu i saw the current crisis coming and remembered what a mess of London the clown made. When we joined i was sceptical but when we left i knew it was digging a grave for the uk.This country wants to increase pensions and not give all the money to benefit scroungers.
Hurray. You can be assured that we (3) will vote for your party at the next GE if you have a candidate that represents Sutton Surrey. Cheers. NN
The Ukranian war has has made it obvious that greater European cooperation is essential, and inevitable, and that Europe is roughly aligned with the USA. There's no special place for the UK outside the EU, so we'd better just get on and find our way back into the heart of European politics as quick as we can.
Labour and Lib Dems, in particular, need to get the message that 'trying to make Brexit work', is just a half-hearted attempt. The UK needs to get back to trading with Europe without the tarrifs, redtape and extra bureaucracy. And British people need to move around Europe without visas, as other Europeans take for granted.
Brexit can never be 'made to work' (in ANY form) as we will always need to trade with the EU on its terms and in accordance with its standards. It is not going to change its rules and standards just to suit us. Why should it? We decided to leave after all. Brexit has been a massive self inflicted disaster and a complete waste of time and effort. It does nothing but ruin and divide us daily. It is a cancer that needs cutting out.

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Brexit isn’t working – this is why the Rejoin EU Party was founded. No amount of sticking plasters can solve this crisis. The only solution is to re-join the EU.

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