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The company that receives funds for the ReJoin EU party is called BMBMB Ltd

To comply with the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, The Rejoin EU Party only accepts donations above £500 from individuals who are on the UK Electoral Register or from businesses that have a registered seat in the UK. All such donations of more than £500 must be accompanied by the full name and address of the donor for The Rejoin EU Party to confirm that a donor of more than £500 to the The Rejoin EU Party in the course of a calendar year is included on the electoral register in the UK.  

The Rejoin EU Party is also required to inform the Electoral Commission of donations from any individual totalling more than £7,500 in a single calendar year for publication on the public register of political donations maintained by the Commission.  It is an offence not to reveal the true source of a donation and donors must not pass on money from a third party.

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Meet The Rejoin EU Party

  1. What are our aims?
    For the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to return to the European Union as a whole or in parts
  2. What are your party policies?
           1. To rejoin the EU
           2. To oppose discrimination towards individuals based on sex, race, gender, sexual orientation or disability
           3. …..that’s it. How do I become a member? We are not a membership organisation. If you wish to stand as a candidate for election, you may ask to do so at no cost to yourself as long as you sign the party pledge, which is basically to uphold the 2 policies above.

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