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Brexit is hurting. There is a simple solution that will help us get our freedoms back and keep our cost of living down. We must get joining the European Union onto the political agenda.

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We need our freedom of movement back. Closing off the labour markets crippling our small businesses and making our holidays miserable. Rejoining the EU is the solution.

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Rejoin is possible

Europe is waiting for us

Anything is possible in politics when you have the people behind you. We are here to show politicians that the people of the UK are not done with Brexit. We are here to show Europeans that Britons feel European . With the public behind us we will make Rejoin happen.

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We need people to stand up in their local communities and run under a Rejoin the EU banner at every election. By showing the growing support for Rejoin we pressure Westminster and Rejoin will get firmly placed onto the British political agenda.

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The Rejoin EU Party

Brexit isn’t working, this is why the Rejoin EU Party was founded. No amount of plasters can solve this crisis. The only solution is to Rejoin.

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