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Brexit’s broken and it’s breaking Britain. There’s a simple way to get our freedoms back, cut our cost of living and restore our global political influence. We need to rejoin the EU.

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We need our EU rights and freedom of movement back. Brexit is excluding us from the continental European job market, crippling businesses and the economy, imposing new charges and costs and causing holiday & travel chaos. It’s also leading to problems for UK citizens abroad and EU citizens in Britain and damaging the UK’s international reputation and political influence. Rejoining the EU is the only answer.

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We need people to stand up in their local communities and run as Rejoin EU candidates, or simply help in any way they can. By demonstrating the growing support for rejoining the EU, we’ll pressure Westminster into putting re-joining firmly back on the political agenda.
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Anything’s possible in politics when you have the people behind you. We’re here to show politicians that Brexit isn’t “done” and that Britons still feel European. With the public behind us, we will rejoin.

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Brexit isn’t working, this is why the Rejoin EU Party was founded. No amount of plasters can solve this crisis. The only solution is to Rejoin.

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