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Like most Britons today, the Rejoin EU Party seeks our return to full EU membership for better prosperity, enhanced security and increased personal freedoms. We seek to repair the damage Brexit has inflicted on our economy, our social cohesion and our national reputation. And we seek to pursue constitutional improvements to prevent such destructive change happening again.


Who we are

Coming from many political backgrounds and united by the goal of reversing Brexit, our candidates are able to prioritise representing their particular constituents and addressing their diverse local needs. We may not form a government this year, but every vote helps us to pressure the larger parties in Parliament towards increased dialogue with the EU Commission, the restoration of free movement and the exploration of other co-ordinated measures.

How we will do it

Rejoin EU proposes extensive UK constitutional reforms to prevent future governance crises, including greater proportional representation, term membership of the House of Lords and stricter parliamentary conduct regulations.

The party calls for immediate dialogue with the European Commission on the potential conditions and timing of re-joining the EU; restoration of free movement as part of renewed single-market and customs-union membership; suspension of any further divergence from EU regulations; and immediate development of interim closer ties with Brussels including renewed participation in Erasmus+ and other European initiatives open to non-EU members.

Our economic policies focus on re-joining the EU single market and customs union, adopting the euro, supporting small businesses affected by Brexit and reducing trade barriers with EU partners.

Foreign policy objectives include restoring Britain’s influence in Europe, enhancing international co-operation and addressing migration issues through EU membership.

Our defence and security policies emphasise greater European military integration and shared access to EU intelligence and security databases to combat emerging threats.

We reject immigration as a means of securing cheap labour and support a return to the policy of labour mobility within Europe offered by EU freedom of movement.

Our party prioritises the proper functioning of the NHS and the legislation needed to ensure greater entitlement to efficient treatment, pandemic preparedness and access to skilled EU workers.

Our environmental policies focus on EU co-ordination to tackle climate change, reduce pollution and ensure carbon market alignment in a global context.

Rejoin EU will press for a more democratic and integrated EU

Supporting significant EU reforms such as greater EU parliamentary powers, trans-national constituencies and stronger citizen participation. We strongly believe that greater international co-operation, demonstrated through Britain’s renewed EU membership, is essential to address the serious global challenges ahead.

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The Rejoin EU Party

Brexit isn’t working – this is why the Rejoin EU Party was founded. No amount of sticking plasters can solve this crisis. The only solution is to re-join the EU.

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