Brendan DonnellyLeader

Brendan is a former Conservative Member of the European Parliament, who left the Conservative Party in protest against its anti-European policies. 
Before entering politics, Brendan Donnelly worked as an official in the Foreign Office, the European Parliament and the European Commission. He now runs a pro-European think tank

John Stevens

John is a former Conservative Member of the European Parliament who left the Party on account of its hostility to the UK  joining the euro. He pushed Nigel Farage into third place in the 2010 General Election when he stood as an independent in Buckingham. He was  a foreign exchange trader and strategist. He has advised various EU governments on their joining the Single Currency. He now chairs a European think tank.

Andrew SmithChair
Dean SouthallSocial Media Co-ordinator

Dean lived in the Netherlands for 20 years and Sweden for 6 months.  He became interested in politics when he wasn’t allowed to vote against Brexit in 2016 as he’d been living out of the country for more than 15 years. Dean misses his EU rights. Dean was a computer programmer working in the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Singapore.  He also ran my own craft beer shop in the Netherlands and now now volunteers at a charity shop

Jim NewellDeputy Leader & Candidate

Jim Newell used to be a member of the Labour Party, but he believes that, in the early twentieth century, there Is no progressive political agenda to be had that does not embrace European integration. He therefore resigned from the party when Keir Starmer announced that Labour had become a pro-Brexit party. He taught politics at Salford University for many years and now spends some of his time teaching for the University of Urbino in Italy.

Ben RendCandidate

Ben first came to the UK as an asylum seeker in the mid 90s and has seen first hand what it’s like being on the receiving end of Britain’s immigration policies. Having watched his former country of Yugoslavia degenerate into xenophobic hatred, he is determined not to stand by idly and watch the same happen here.

Richard MorleyDeputy Leader

Richard is a former Royal Navy officer, theatre director, journalist and national ski team trainer who has been CEO to a hotel group in England and France since 1994. He currently chairs a think tank that concentrates on models of global administration and domestic evolution in the 21st. Century and tutors students in the same field.

Richard HewisonTreasurer

Richard stood for mayor of London in 2021 as well as being a candidate for the London Assembly, the Bexley by election and Uxbridge by election.

Elwyn JonesSouth East Co-ordinator

Elwyn is our South East Regional Coordinator. He was formerly a European Business Intelligence Consultant. He started his career as an Academic, lecturing in Electrical Engineering, and is passionate about evidence based decision making.

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