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  1. Golders Green By-Election

    Golders Green By-Election

    Please vote for the Rejoin EU Party, a party unlike the other parties standing in the Golders Green by-election. The name of our party tells you all you need to know about us. We regard Brexit as a historic mistake, based on lies. The longer we remain outside the EU, the more damage will be done to our country, economically, politically and constitutionally. We must re-join as soon as possible. Brexit is causing many problems, such as uncertainties inherent in the government’s so-called “settled status” scheme for EU citizens, family difficulties caused by restrictions on freedom of movement, fewer opportunities for Britons to study and work abroad and new red tape for British exporters and importers. Politicians care only about votes. If you want to protest against the problems and loss of rights and freedoms that Brexit has caused, vote Rejoin EU in this election and send a message to the mainstream parties. They must reject Brexit and back this country’s renewed place in Europe. Best wishes, Brendan Donnelly (candidate) Please Note: Should any funds be left over they will be put towards other campaigns of the party. Donations above £50 can only be made by eligible persons. We will contact you after your donation to confirm this – you will be refunded if you are not an eligible donor.
    £575.00 donated
  2. Get Johnson out of parliament

    Get Johnson out of parliament

    When parliament reconvenes in early September, the Privileges Committee will rule on his disgraceful behaviour in parliament over the past few years. It is very unlikely there can be any credible outcome other than for Johnson to be suspended for a period well in excess of 10 days which will automatically trigger a recall petition in his constituency. Johnson is probably banking on the fact that events will move too quickly for a campaign group to act – let’s prove him wrong! By registering as a campaign group, we are able to raise £10,000 to campaign in this constituency to inform voters how they can remove him. The biggest asset Johnson has in this process is a lack of knowledge of how the process works. We want to make sure EVERY voter in Uxbridge is aware that all is needed is for 10% of them to sign at their local polling station during the recall period and to make sure they know exactly where that station is.
    £20.00 donated of £10,000.00 goal

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