Chesham and Amersham By-Election June 2021

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We kept the European theme alive

The Lib Dems achieved a ground-breaking victory in Chesham and Amersham, but we felt the debate about Europe was being forgotten. That’s why we stood.

Our Candidate

Brendan Donnelly

Brendan is a former Conservative Member of the European Parliament, who left the Conservative Party in 1999 in protest against its anti-European policies. Since then then he has stood in the European Elections of 1999,2009 and 2014, always for pro-European parties. Before entering politics, Brendan Donnelly worked as an official in the Foreign Office, the European Parliament and the European Commission. He now runs a pro-European think tank and has written widely about the European Union, and Brexit.

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The Rejoin EU Party

Brexit isn’t working, this is why the Rejoin EU Party was founded. No amount of plasters can solve this crisis. The only solution is to Rejoin.

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