Labour needs to stop ignoring Brexit now.

How much longer can the Brexit chaos continue?

Labour is acting disgracefully. The party is ignoring Brexit, one of the key contributors to the cost-of-living crisis. Starmer calls for “growth, growth, growth”, but he fails to mention it’s impossible without single-market access.

Voters are fed up. Unless Labour starts listening to the people and tackles Brexit head-on, it has no hope of winning the next election. Voters will realise its pledges are empty slogans.

Sign our petition calling for Labour to tackle Brexit head-on.

Earlier this year, we sent a letter to Starmer. You said in that letter:

I have found [Labour] and [Labour’s] policy statements a great disappointment.

The only investments in the local area were actually done by the EU… I honestly beg you to please include a vote to rejoin the single market on the Labour manifesto pledge.

I have been a Labour voter all my life, but have been totally dismayed by your persistent view that Brexit had to be pursued and continued at all costs.

We can’t let this harm to our country continue. Sign today and join us in the campaign to re-join the EU.

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We need to mount a pressure campaign on Starmer and to stop gaslighting ourselves into thinking we have to hack him over the Tories. We need to get MPs on side and to be ready to depose him. We need urgency and to enforce consequences for their continued neglect of us in favour of boomers.
The Damage Brexit has done to this country is immeasurable and even though there is clearly a huge amount of support to rejoin, Labour, who is most likely to win the next election, has done nothing but said a few words to dangle the false hope of "Potential in the future" to not even fully rejoin.
Most Labour Voters want to rejoin the single market Labour are deaf and blind to the demands of the people and the UK economy If Starmer would have backed Theresa Mays Brexit deal we would still be in the single market now Nobody seems to point that out They have forgotten
Due to Brexit the U.K has become an outsider in the making of important decisions relevant to Europe & just a sad former major power with little influence on European , U.S & world affairs. What happened to the massive trade deal with the U.S? They dealt with the E.U instead!!.
I voted to remain to maintain peace in Europe, brexit fractured Europe and Putin moved in. Europe is not not just our most important economic partner it is our most important environmental partner, cultural partner, science partner, educational partner and political partner.
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I am a professional dancer and don’t have an EU passport to work on cruise ships, abroad in hotels and shows so I am loosing out on so many Job opportunities due to brexit and eu visa and passports

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Brexit isn’t working – this is why the Rejoin EU Party was founded. No amount of sticking plasters can solve this crisis. The only solution is to re-join the EU.

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