Dear Starmer, Brexit isn't working. It's time to face the truth.

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Starmer has a duty as opposition leader to call out the Government’s failures. Brexit isn’t working, and while Starmer is rightfully trying to build cohesion he must not forget his duty to call out where Brexit is failing.

This close to the general election Starmer is only listening to voters. That means, as a voter, you have a voice. Starmer needs to see the real damage that this country is facing. If you could tell Starmer about the harm Brexit is doing to your community what would you write?

We will be sending your responses to Starmer accompanied by your name and postcode. We won’t publish your name or postcode publicly.

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As a Country we will have no future outside Europe. Our children and grandchildren have no meaningful future. Please include REJOINEU in your manifesto.
Dear starter, I think you need to bring the country back together and remember the younger generation was not able to vote so all right got took away from being able to benefit from being in the eu . In the long run we as a country need to take steps to rejoin or even joithe single market with freedom. Of movement and help with costs of living with importing goods . The whole country is in need of a revamp. I was shocked to see that you voted out of rejoining the eu.(let's hope that it's just to win extra votes and you do a return on that decision) Help is needed for the uk and rejoining is a must . The latest polls show. We were miss sold the idea by a very kurrupts party and I think maybe you could bring us back together as a country and bring us slowly back to were we need to be with the eu. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE IS A MUST.
Dear Keir Starmer - a life long Labour supporter , 2nd generation Holocaust descendant whose father was an eminent consultant in respiratory diseases, I implore you to get real about EU rejoining. The days of British supremacy' We won the war, we won't be pushed around by Krauts , Froggies' etc etc etc are well and truly kaput. I am one of the lucky ones - I have an EU Czech citizenship which I claimed at 76 years of age . My father who helped build the NHS in 1948 and became a British citizen after escaping from Communist rule, would have been surprised at his daughter's action. As s life - long Social Democrat He would also be shocked at the state of the not so united UK today getting more and more poverty stricken with the Tory overlords rule. As for me - I spent the whole of my career working and teaching , specialising in the Arts and equal opportunities for all children. My growing fear and horror of what is allowed to happen in this country today means that a change of government cannot come soon enough. I believe under your leadership , Labour will slowly make the lives of all citizens more equal . It must therefore , rejoin the EU to repair the damage Brexit has caused in the economy and being part of the modern European world. Sincerely Judi Challiner
Brexit was mis-sold by a bunch of self-serving Tories; it's time for Labour to commit to re-joining the EU. If that means some (misguided) Labour supporters will be lost, sobeit. A firm and unequivocal commitment to re-joining will boost the Labour vote.
Having seen Sir Kier Stammer speak at People's Vote rallies in the past it is sad that he has not stood by his Remain principles. I appreciate it's difficult when trying to win over leave voters but sticking by your beliefs (unless the evidence changes) is a sign of strong leadership
Hello I was a conservative but my vote is now with whoever will take us back to the EU
I am 73 and do not make this appeal for myself but for my children and grandchildren. I was lucky to benefit for most of my adult life from our membership of the EU and proud to call myself a European. I am dismayed that our horizons and opportunities have been limited by Brexit and ashamed of the impression we now give to the rest of the world. The UK is a small country and we were far safer being part of a large European bloc, especially in these days of global threat from Russia, China and North Korea. For the sake of future generations we need to start to repair the damage we have done to ourselves economically and culturally by rejoining the EU.
Dear Keir As the main opposition party should you not represent the 48 and more who believe we are better in than out. While Cons clearly cannot press for rejoin as they are the Brexit party in all but name those who do want to rejoin have no political representatives in parliament. Therefore you are actually not representing the 48 and more are you? We purport to live in a representative Democracy.....prove it please.

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