Dear Starmer, Brexit isn't working. It's time to face the truth.

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Starmer has a duty as opposition leader to call out the Government’s failures. Brexit isn’t working, and while Starmer is rightfully trying to build cohesion he must not forget his duty to call out where Brexit is failing.

This close to the general election Starmer is only listening to voters. That means, as a voter, you have a voice. Starmer needs to see the real damage that this country is facing. If you could tell Starmer about the harm Brexit is doing to your community what would you write?

We will be sending your responses to Starmer accompanied by your name and postcode. We won’t publish your name or postcode publicly.

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Trying make Brexit work? You might as well try to make Richard III work again. It's impossible. This disastrous policy has damaged the UK almost beyond repair. I know it cannot be reversed over night, but we need to start the long task of rowing back, because our future is with the EU, not the mid-Pacific or any other of the ridiculous notions put forward by the Tories.
Brexit isn’t working and it never will, it doesn’t make any sense and it never did, time to stop flogging a dead horse just to pacify a bunch of nationalists and racists, start talking positively about all the benefits of the EU. I am still heartbroken about the way my rights as an EU citizen were taken away from me! The conservatives are criminals and the opposition should be opposing them not enabling them.
I run an import/export business and since leaving the single market and customs union we have to work harder to achieve less with many EU business not prepared to do business with us and I find it difficult to see a future.
Brexit Can't Work!
As a young person, I refuse to be bound by a referendum that was overwhelmingly dominated by older, uneducated people who mostly didn't even understand what they were voting for. I'm not the only one who thinks this, the vast majority of younger people disagree with Brexit and our votes mater. Why do you think the Lib Dems are threatening to deny you a majority? It's because they accept the reality of Brexit and you do not.
Your reaction to you own membership on proportional representation is a bad look and means I could never vote labour whilst you are their leader.
Bold truthful radical governance. A conversation with the public about raising taxes for better public services, nationalisation of utilities and rail. Wealthy people should bear the brunt and financial corruption in the Establishment and corporations should no longer be tolerated. MPs No second jobs. Tinkering will leave the LP in the wilderness again. Young people are ready for this. It’s their future. Immoral , Corrupt behaviour by the rich minority have wrecked the lives of the many. Invest in Public Services…. Homes and start the process of creating a real democracy for the people who have suffered a sham pretence of living in one. Finally …. challenge the Unionists, the injustice of this country’s past and work towards an United Ireland in five years.
We need to return to Europe ASAP. As a politician and an intelligent man I am sure I do not have to point out the problems that have occurred because of Britain's exit. It is imperative that your party has the discussion. I will not be voting labour unless this is on the table ,
Brexit, in any form, cannot be made to work Keir. Any fool knows that. It is time that the Labour Party stopped trying to pretend that they can make it work. There are masses and masses of votes if you would only back Rejoining the EU. Votes that WILL go to the Greens and LibDems if you don't - as shown in the local elections, when they did far better at ousting the idiotic 'brexit mantra' CON party than Labour did.

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Brexit isn’t working, this is why the Rejoin EU Party was founded. No amount of plasters can solve this crisis. The only solution is to Rejoin.

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