Dear Starmer, Brexit isn't working. It's time to face the truth.

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Starmer has a duty as opposition leader to call out the Government’s failures. Brexit isn’t working, and while Starmer is rightfully trying to build cohesion he must not forget his duty to call out where Brexit is failing.

This close to the general election Starmer is only listening to voters. That means, as a voter, you have a voice. Starmer needs to see the real damage that this country is facing. If you could tell Starmer about the harm Brexit is doing to your community what would you write?

We will be sending your responses to Starmer accompanied by your name and postcode. We won’t publish your name or postcode publicly.

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Many uk citizens voted for brexit on the back of false promises the result was the removal of all uk citizens from FoM many of these leave voters then realised the consequences and then reapplied for eu citizenship through descent , while i valued the eu FoM and have no way or gaining eu citizensship by descent, I and many like me have had it stolen by these leave voters who pay no consequences and now enjoy the benefits of eu citizenship ,while the like of us British who valued our freedom of movement are left with reduced rights, freedoms and privileges. Brexit was ill conceived ,ill advised and poorly executed it has effected ,families ,relationships , travel , retirement, economy, finances businesses, imports , exports, education , divided friendships and been disrupting ,to the fabric of this nation, its Time politicians stop ignoring the fact that brexit is bad for everyone and destroying this country. I for one will never forgive the architects of this tragedy. It’s time an alternative government repair the damage , turmoil and division in this country and repair our relationship with our closest neighbours after all the uk is European geographically ,culturally and economically. It’s time for the uk to say we got it wrong and speak the truth.
Dear Mr Starmer, It has come to my attention that over the past couple of years Brexit has really declined the UK for a long time, and the fact that the Tory's hasn't done anything to respond to the UK inc cost of living, eradication of european people out of the UK in favor to keep the pure british in which has been a disaster for a number of years. So therefore, theres the cost of price of foods that are really high and we can't replicate america becuase first and firmost America has it's worst problems than us and we should be grateful that we don't have to live in a country that is so divided and against political parties which are extreme. So please Mr starmer, consider the higher ups that rejoining the EU is a very good idea cos we should've never left the EU in the first place since UK is europe and our culture revolves around europe not America even through UK and US differ a bit, but replicating the culture to another messy country is just a reciepe of disaster. So therefore can you please put aside with your grievance with the conservatives and work together to Rejoin EU once and for all. Yours Sincerely, Mohamed Adan
Sir Starmer Those of my generation feel as if we have lost our freedom to decide what to do with our lives. We have grown up with the idea of having the freedom to work and live where we wish and this had been taken away. This may sound selfish and i a way it is but growing up in a climate where most things are possible, then coming to the age of making that dream possible just for it to be snatched away by others has been difficult to say the least. I don't want future generations to grow up in an isolationist, sheltered state. I wish for them to grow up with the dream that inspired us. This is a view that I hope and understand you'll share. Best regards
Dear sir, I urge you to reconsider rejoining the EU as soon as possible. I have noticed that you are avoiding this discussion because I suspect you can smell the power coming your way, well I have news for you. The mood of the nation has changed and whilst your party may win by default, it’s not going to be a easy ride for your party and your success may be short lived dues to your stubbornness around rejoining the EU. You’re now up against Reform, and the Newly formed Rejoin the EU Party. I would seriously reconsider your position on Brexit. The public want to rejoined the EU. They were lied to by the Tories and they are livid with politicians. I hope we can talk more directly in the future. Best regards, Donald Calum Marshall. Mobile: 07722 472 673 Email: doncmars@gmail.com
Dear Mr Starmer, Brexit is the single most damaging act of the Conservative government in the last decade, costing the country 5% of its GDP, and significantly reducing the freedoms and quality of life to its people. You are in a unique position to challenge the current status quo. Whether you do it as part of your manifesto or not is immaterial. But if you have the best interest of the country at heart, please work towards full EU membership in a bulletproof and lasting way, so that the UK gets to have its say with regards to what happens on this continent. Our isolation is achieving the opposite and has not brought anything positive. Thank you for reading.
Please have the integrity to call out Brexit for what it was and is. That is denying future generations the freedoms of travel, work, education, life, and family in the EU. To live in harmony and enjoy one of the most diverse continents on earth without losing cultural identity contrary to what the UK is now experiencing.
Dear Starmer, I lived in the Uk from 2016 until 2019. I returned to my home country Spain. Since then i have been following all news about brexit. Obviously is a chaos. I think the uk should make a big effort and rejoin EU. As i have checked brexit is a disaster. Big economic inflation, low employment, supply chain problem, low level of health and education. I think it s time to rejoin Eu as soon as possible. Kind regards

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