We need to tackle Brexit.
Labour and the Conservatives are still backing it.
It’s time to protest.

Labour isn't pro-EU in Chester.

Starmer’s stance on Europe will HURT our economy.

  • What happened to a belief in creating an economy that works for everyone?
  • What happened to compassionate immigration policy which directly benefitted our NHS keeping waiting times down?
  • What happened to the Labour party who campaigned for greater European worker protections?

The Tories have been infiltrated by incompetent Brexit activists.

  • What happened to sensible economic policy?
  • What happened to strong outward looking Britain who led the way in Europe?
  • What happened to the Conservative party who invented the single market based on the value of free trade and took the UK into it?

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Chester is a national election.

We can steer change in Westminster.

Chester’s residents have a unique opportunity to make a real impact on Britain’s politics.

Labour think they have this in the bag, by taking away their comfortable lead away Chester will help shift the debate.

Use your vote to protest. A vote for a better economy, by getting back to Europe, will be felt in Westminster.

Labour isn't pro-EU in Chester.

Chester has been a Labour Safe Seat.


Starmer can’t keep ignoring the fact that we need to re-align with Europe if he wants to get us out of this dire economic crisis.
Starmer, you need to:

  • Re-establish trade with Europe to save our small businesses and all of our jobs.
  • Get our freedoms to move back so we can move across Europe and we can bring skills to the UK.
  • Take the helm and lead Europe in the fight against climate change.
  • Starmer is failing, he must adopt a stronger economic policy, which means being pro-EU.

    Use your vote:

    Protest Against Brexit

    Conservatives still back Brexit in Chester

    Pro-EU Tories:
    Make a Stand

    Being pro-European is a traditional Conservative value.

    Rishi Sunak is not softer on Brexit. He peddles the same hard line rhetoric as the others.

    Conservatives have yet to realise that Brexit is not a long term winning strategy – Brexit is catastrophic for the economy.

    Chester is the best place to protest.

    Vote REJOIN EU

    Thursday 1st December

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    Brexit isn’t working – this is why the Rejoin EU Party was founded. No amount of sticking plasters can solve this crisis. The only solution is to re-join the EU.

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