End Brexit Travel Chaos

Over the weekend we have seen massive travel chaos. This latest crisis was the result of an IT failure, will all the software updates with the new border regulations who is really surprised.

Since 2020 our border regulations have become increasingly more complicated. Brexit hasn’t reduced immigration, it’s made holidays miserable instead.

Dover has been forced to implement special contingency measures. Officials are celebrating a 90 minute wait. Coaches are being diverted away from the main port. Travel chaos is making holidays a misery.

Only 9% of Britons now consider Brexit more of a success than a failure, according to new polling by YouGov. The British public have had enough of this mess.

Have you experienced travel chaos at the hands of Brexit? Let us know by filling in the form to the right, we will publish your comments and may use them in our media with your first name and county.

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I'm sick of and embarrassed at having join separate and long passport control queues when I travel to Europe. I want my FOM back
전 그냥 블랙시트속에 인플레이션이 싫습니다. 유럽 노동 속에 그들이 살 수 있는것이 한정적이다. 소득대비 인플레이션이 높다!!!
It’s the lack of freedom of movement that’s killing me. My mother lives in Spain and had a stroke last year and now vascular dementia. One year on and I still cannot stay in Spain to care for her because of the 90 days in every 180 rule. I’m the only child so no-one else can act as carer. I don’t want anyone else to do it as I love her and I want to support her in her final years. I don’t have €27000 in the bank so my residence was declined. She doesn’t want to leave her home but after 90 days I have to bring her to the UK which makes her more confused and agitated. I have applied for a German passport by descent but there is a year’s wait (I lodged my application for this in January). I’ve submitted another application to stay in Spain at more cost. To care for my mother I’ve had to give up the majority of my work but can’t claim carer’s allowance as I’m between countries and have to try and work whenever I have the opportunity (when my mum is with me in the UK) or I have no income when I’m in Spain. I dread to think how much I’ve spent on lawyers, getting documents apostilled and then translated, private healthcare for a year in Spain and have jumped through hoops for the last year but to no avail. My mother’s medical papers say she needs 24/7 care but as her only daughter and in her last years, I cannot provide the care I should be able to because of Brexit. I got an extension to my passport of 90 days but immigration said you are only allowed this once in extenuating circumstances and I’ve used mine (more cost, obviously). It’s soul destroying. I’ve read of other people with family with stage 4 cancer here who were besides themselves trying to get extra time in Spain. There’s an elderly population here from the UK who will face similar issues (and of course Europeans with family in the UK). It’s cruel beyond words to keep families apart in circumstances like this but no-one seems to want to help or even care. I’ve tried my MP (who voted Brexit), the Spanish Consulate in London, the BBC, Sky News and LBC but no one is interested in this angle of Brexit. I was unable to visit my daughter in France (at uni) as I had no days of my allowance left, or take my mother to her twin sister in Germany when her brother in law died in January. All of this would have been possible pre Brexit. It’s been an absolute disaster for me personally, and my mother who I’ve left in Spain today absolutely sobbing her heart out as she doesn’t understand why I have to leave her. And for what? There isn’t even one positive outcome so far is there?
I have a home in Spain, but I wasn’t protected by the Withdrawal Agreement because I also have a home and work in the UK too and spend slightly less than half the year in Spain. Because my 90-in-180 day allowance is always fully used up by my partial life in Spain, I’m unable to travel or take holidays or visit friends and family anywhere else in Europe. I turned down a free ticket to an industry conference in Berlin recently because I didn’t have any days left. Getting a visa for just a couple of days to Berlin is virtually impossible too. They look at you a bit strange when you ask for one. They really don’t understand that we can’t go to Germany easily now. It’s now very difficult working across Europe as a consultant like I used to do and I find it challenging to even visit clients who are based in France, Austria and Switzerland (just because of this 90-in-180 day problem). Americans and Canadians don’t seem to have this issue due to their special bilateral agreements.
At U.K. Border heading out on EuroTunnel was asked by police where were we going? France I said!!! Where in France she said? Le Touquet I said. How much cash have you got? £500 I said! WTF!
Our OAP experience since being mugged and robbed of our European Citizenship by lies and corruption it's completely changed our retired life We were for years among the thousands of Brits heading for the Spanish Costas with camping cars / caravans etc. October till March (6 months) health care and all available as European Citizens now totally destroyed as we feel and are Third Country Nationals now Previous work life was an International Haulier with Union Jack Flags on the front bumpers of my trucks now wouldn't p on the country if it was on fire. Votes for Rejoin EU Party here.
Looking from the other side of the Channel, it is clear that there has developed very much a new division of resident UK citizens; those with or without Art 50 status and those just visiting. The former are officially to be administered exactly as for EU Citizens. even Passports need not be stamped. The vast majority of rights in their nation of residence stay as before. Those 'new arrivals', now face additional administrative hurdles which are only relaxed after 5 years residence. ETIAS and other upcoming measures do not apply. For those simply visiting or now considering relocation to EU, they have exactly the same rights and obligations as a Peruvian citizen (no more and no less). It now appears that forthcoming variations to Schengen rules may benefit Art 50 holders, thus creating larger variations between residents of different status.
Travel holdups of +2 hours again at Malaga airport both in and out. We travel regularly to Spain - its just getting worse each time. The border with Gibraltar & Spain is even worse - with no attempt at a solution. Written to local MP Fay Jones - never get a reply
Since we departed from the EU my partner (EU citizen) and I have been separated at immigration, I have had to wait hours to enter EU, been asked stupid questions at EU immigration, my partner asked same question at UK immigration despite being settled in the UK under EU settlement agreement, can no longer do business in the EU, travel time has increased significantly, flight delays and cancelations due to staff shortage, long waiting hours at Dover, the list goes on and one. Rejoin the EU.

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