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Brexit isn’t working

Vote John Stevens, Rejoin EU in Kensington & Bayswater

The Rejoin EU Party brings together former and present members of all the main British political parties. We are united by the goal of restoring British membership of the European Union.

The silence on Brexit by the major parties is unacceptable, as is an airy promise to rejoin the single market at some undefined date in the dim and distant future.

We know the simplest way to kick-start the economy is by re-joining the EU.

I want to give voters in Kensington a choice that the main parties refuse to offer. A chance to boost the economy and get the UK back on track

As a former Conservative Member of the European Parliament who left the party over Europe, I know Rejoin, and Rejoin in the immediate future, is the only viable option.

Why I’m standing for the Rejoin EU Party in Kensington & Bayswater

Brexit is easily the most significant development in UK history of the past 40 years. It is also, so far, the most substantial of the twin revolts underway within all Western societies by both some of the greatest losers, and some of the greatest winners, from the neo-liberal political, economic and cultural orthodoxy in that period.

The losers, elements of the growing underclass, of the increasingly squeezed middle class, of the young without inherited wealth, of the old without adequate health and welfare, of the left-behind regions and communities and of the ignored and denigrated followers of traditional faiths and values, provided the votes. Ones of pure protest, for there was no programme. The winners, elements of the old rich and the new super-rich, provided the funding. They had, and have, a programme: to diminish democracy and the rule of law, so as to prevent these institutions (especially ones with international reach like the EU) from supporting a more substantial revolt by the losers against their plutocratic privileges. Hence their evident sympathy for Xi and Putin.

The US is the state whose institutions carry the greatest international reach, and where these twin revolts, in Donald Trump’s current campaign to become not so much America’s next President, as her first dictator, are now most obvious and threatening. Brexit owes a lot to those Republicans now enabling this sinister endeavour. They fostered Farage, and his fellow-travellers within the Conservative Party, far more than any Chinese and Russian interests. And the 2016 referendum was won by the same sort of supporters, electoral and financial, employing the same tactics of serial contempt for truth and constitutional norms, as then made Trump US President.

Now, the omerta of these supporters to Trump: of ritually re-telling the lie that he won the last presidential election, matches exactly the Conservatives’ omerta to Farage: of ritually re-telling the lie that Brexit has merit. And Farage’s ambition to take over the Conservative Party, is a copy of Trump’s completed takeover of the Republican Party. An ambition which will be greatly advanced if Reform do well on July 4th and massively amplified if Trump becomes President on November 5th.

The rise of neo-nationalist parties show there are similar revolts underway in the EU. However, the guard-rails for democracy and the rule of law are far stronger there than in the US and the UK. Some of the reasons for this are technical: the supranational power of the Single Market and the euro, balanced by the national power of the European Council derived from proportional voting systems. Some are political: these parties now concentrate on issues like immigration, trade protection and security, which can only be addressed effectively at a European level, and so no longer seek to dismantle the EU, but to use it to implement their policies. And some, perhaps the most important, are cultural: the still-long shadow of a dark past. The happier history, of the UK especially, has made us complacent about the risks we are now running.

And despite Trump, democracy and the rule of law is probably less endangered in the US than in the UK. Modern America is not the late Roman Republic. It has enormous economic strength and a written constitution imposing limits on absolutism. Britain has neither. Brexit, and now the drive by Farage and his supporters inside the Conservative Party to complete that divorce by destroying mainstream Conservatism, threaten to politicise the split in the British national identity, which has existed since the end of our Empire, between affinity to America and affinity to Europe. This could be very dangerous, as the valid historical parallel with our profound and protracted crisis of the 17th century, when England was torn between emulating absolutist, Catholic France, and oligarchic, Protestant Holland warns.

Given what is now at stake, it’s grotesque that none of the main opposition parties in this General Election are really even mentioning Brexit, except in the most marginal manner. July 4th must mark the end of this national evasion and delusion. The nation must admit that leaving the EU has been a monumental mistake which simply has to be reversed. The deep divisions and deprivations in our society which caused the 2016 referendum result can only be addressed by re-joining the EU, as full members, with all this would entail. For only that will bring sufficient growth. Only that will head off the threat to our democracy and rule of law which Farage, in alliance with Trump, with all this would entail, represents. So it is especially vital that Conservatives are part of this admission and reversal.

The Rejoin EU Party is standing in the General Election to highlight the general point that for Britain to be saved, it must become again a European country. I am standing for the Rejoin EU Party in Kensington and Bayswater, for so long a key Conservative seat, and where I have lived for a large part of my life, especially to highlight also the specific point that for moderate non-Labour politics to be saved, the Conservatives must become again a pro-European party.

John Stevens, Rejoin EU Party candidate, Kensington & Bayswater

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Brexit isn’t working – this is why the Rejoin EU Party was founded. No amount of sticking plasters can solve this crisis. The only solution is to re-join the EU.

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