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London Assembly Elections 2024

London-wide Member of the London Assembly election results

Labour Party: 951,056

Conservatives: 648,269

The Green Party: 286,746

Liberal Democrats: 215,682

ReformUK – London Deserves Better: 145,409

Rejoin EU Party: 62,528

Animal Welfare Party – People, Animals, Environment: 41,303

Britain First: 32,085

Christian Peoples Alliance: 26,798

Social Democratic Party: 23,021

FOX, Laurence: 13,795

LONDON, Farah – Independent: 13,048

Communist Party of Britain: 10,915

Heritage Party: 4,431

ROMUALDO, Gabe – Independent: 1,601

Turnout: 40.47%

Rejoin EU Party stands full slate for London Assembly election

Vote for Rejoin EU’s list candidates and send a message to the main Westminster parties to back rejoin

The Rejoin EU Party has officially become the first to run a full slate of 11 candidates in the list section of the London Assembly elections, once again working jointly with Volt UK, the pan-European party.

Party leader and assembly candidate Brendan Donnelly said: “I’m enormously proud to stand with such a diverse range of candidates for the assembly: we have former members of Labour, the Lib Dems, the Green Party and the Conservatives on the list. We are also partnering with Volt, which helps bring experience from across the British political spectrum to our London team, united by one cause: to return the UK to its rightful place at the heart of the EU.”

Brendan also said it was important to remember that 11 of the 25 Assembly members are elected by proportional representation (PR) on a London-wide basis and that Rejoin EU is standing only for those 11 places, enabling voters to cast a meaningful vote in favour of re-joining the EU without fear of “splitting the vote” of other parties.

“A vote for Rejoin EU won’t be wasted,” he said. “It will show the leaders of the bigger parties that they should stop ignoring the damage that Brexit is causing. Rejoin EU is standing only on the London-wide list. There is every chance of electing a Rejoin EU Assembly member on this list, which operates by PR, not FPTP. Cast your mayoral and constituency votes for whoever you want. Give your third London-wide list vote to Rejoin EU.”

Rejoin EU assembly candidate and mayoral nominee Richard Hewison said: “In 2021, the Rejoin EU Party contested both the mayoral and the Assembly elections. As a result of the change to the electoral system and the current mayor’s strong pro-EU comments in recent months, we have decided this time to concentrate only on the Assembly list. We also reject entirely the disgusting Islamophobia that has been directed towards him in the last few weeks and urge all voters in London to do likewise.”

Volt member & assembly candidate Charlotte Blake said: “In this time of positivity about the EU, I as a Volt UK candidate am delighted to be teaming up with Rejoin EU once again to offer London an opportunity to show its support for closer links with our European neighbours. Between us, we can demonstrate how progressive and pro-European Londoners are.”

The full list of Rejoin EU candidates is available below and further details and campaign videos will be available in due course.

Richard Hewison
Alex Kerr
Charlotte Blake
Brendan Donnelly
Alessandro Gallo
Briony Kapoor
Marianne Mandujano
Drew Miles
Ben Rend
Laurence Williams
Jaki Airey
Simon Bezer
Jas Alduk

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