Sack Boris Johnson as MP

We were the first to register as a campaign against Johnson

With the initial reports out, it is very unlikely there can be any credible outcome other than for Johnson to be suspended for a period well in excess of 10 days which will automatically trigger a recall petition in his constituency.

Boris is banking on the fact that when his inevitable 10 day suspension comes, no campaign groups will have time to properly organise a viable campaign.

By setting up early, we can raise enough funds to make sure the voters of Uxbridge get the opportunity to remove the architect of Brexit, who is ultimately responsible for all that is wrong in the UK today, from his seat in parliament

We can

With a £10,000 spending limit we can make sure every voter in Uxbridge is reminded they have an MP who is a law breaker, who appointed a known sex pest to a senior supervisory position and who undermined parliament’s integrity by allowing another expense fiddler to avoid justice, amongst other reasons he should be removed.

Can you help us in on the ground Uxbridge?

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