The new pro-EU reverse UKIP silently taking votes off Labour & Tories

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May 6, 2024
*The new pro-EU reverse UKIP silently taking votes off Labour & Tories*
The Rejoin EU Party is well on track to do a UKIP in reverse. The party came 6th, just behind Reform UK, with 2.5% of the vote in the list ballot of the London Assembly elections. Securing its deposit, Rejoin took votes off both the Conservatives and Labour.
This ground-breaking result sends a stark warning to any politician who thinks that Brexit can be swept under the carpet. Labour supporters overwhelmingly back a pro-European stance, yet party leader Keir Starmer continues without a Brexit plan. The Rejoin EU results are a clear signal that Starmer’s Labour needs to start talking about the damage caused by Brexit.
Conservatives performed worse than expected in key Remain-voting areas in London, with Rejoin EU & Brexit likely being a key factor in that as the party continues to entrench itself in backing Brexit. The Rejoin EU Party’s impressive results are a powerful message to pro-European and One Nation Conservatives that they need to pull their socks up, for the shift to the right is not electorally profitable.
The Rejoin EU Party will run in the General Election in selected areas to continue to push the pro-Rejoin EU agenda, ending the never-ending string of Brexit disasters and hits on the economy.
During the campaign, Rejoin EU revealed that following the UK’s departure from the EU, the economy has endured a 5% reduction in GDP, resulting in a significant loss of £40 billion in tax revenue. Tax revenue sorely needed in these trying times.
Rejoin EU Party Leader & Former Conservative MEP Brendan Donnelly said: *“As I said at the beginning of the campaign, I am enormously proud to have stood with such a diverse range of candidates for the assembly: we had former members of Labour, the Lib Dems, the Green Party and the Conservatives on the list. As a party we continue to grow our number of supporters and the number of people interested in standing for us in the General Election. Unless all the main parties seriously put addressing Brexit at the heart of their policies, they risk losing a significant number of votes.”*
Leader of the Rejoin EU list candidates in London, Richard Hewison, said: *“This is the second time I have stood for Rejoin EU in the London Assembly Elections. Since 2021, we have seen Brexit continue to rip the fabric of London apart socially and economically. Not only are jobs and incomes falling, but thanks to arbitrary immigration laws also simply finding enough people to staff our cafes and restaurants is becoming almost impossible. It is no surprise Rejoin EU did so well. Unless politicians take note, the calls for Rejoin will only grow.”*
Notes to editors
For further details and to arrange interviews, please call Brendan Donnelly on 07956 379129. *The Rejoin EU party is campaigning to re-join the EU because we believe re-joining is the only way to solve the multiple problems Brexit has created. Brexit is broken and it’s breaking our country too. All the promises on which Brexit was sold to the electorate in 2016 were nonsense. Far from reducing red tape and providing £350m a week for the NHS, Brexit makes trading with the crucial European market more complex, difficult and expensive and threatens to reduce funding for public services. If you agree Brexit is making our country poorer, less tolerant and less united, join us and send a message to Westminster that you want your EU membership back, with all its freedoms and benefits.*
*Contact Rejoin EU at admin@therejoineuparty.com <admin@therejoineuparty.com> and visit our website at www.therejoineuparty.com <www.therejoineuparty.com/>. You can also follow the party on Twitter at @rejoinp*
*Promoted by Richard Hewison on behalf of the Rejoin EU Party, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE.*

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