Voters deserve an alternative to this damaging Tory-Labour hard Brexit, the Rejoin EU Party says

February 13th, 2023
*Press release*
*By-election in Golders Green – an open letter to local voters*
Dear voter,
It’s now official. Labour and the Conservative Party are working hand-in-hand to play down the damage that Brexit has done to the UK and to pretend that it can be “made to work”, despite the mounting evidence to the contrary.
Delegations including Michael Gove and David Lammy met this week, according to The Observer newspaper, in a secretive conference with the theme of “moving on from Leave and Remain.” It’s not surprising that the Conservative government wants to claim that the question of Brexit is resolved forever. It is however shocking that the Labour Party should be collaborating with the government so enthusiastically in perpetuating the Brexit debacle. Brexit reduces our prosperity, undermines our standing in the world and creates constitutional instability. A conspiracy of silence from politicians cannot hide these realities.
Most Labour Party members would like to re-join the European Union. Only a flawed electoral strategy prevents Labour’s leadership from heeding the wishes of its membership. Labour’s Rachel Reeves claimed in Golders Green last week that Labour has a ‘credible’ economic strategy. This claim is contradicted by Labour’s refusal even to consider re-joining the EU’s single market or customs union.
This week’s council by-election in Golders Green is an opportunity for the increasing majority of electors who know Brexit is a disaster to send a message. The only way to stop Brexit from causing more and more harm is to end it as soon as possible. I hope voters in Golders Green will seize the opportunity to send this message to their complacent political leaders by voting for the Rejoin EU Party on Thursday.
Best wishes,
Brendan Donnelly, Rejoin EU Party candidate, Golders Green by-election
To find out more about Brendan’s campaign, visit therejoineuparty.com/golders-green-by-election/ ________________________________________________________
The Rejoin EU party is campaigning to re-join the EU because we believe re-joining is the only way to solve the problems Brexit has created. Brexit is broken and it’s breaking our country too. All the promises on which Brexit was sold to the electorate in 2016 were nonsense. Far from reducing red tape and providing £350m a week for the NHS, Brexit makes trading with the crucial European market more complex, difficult and expensive and threatens to reduce funding for public services. If you agree Brexit is making our country poorer, less tolerant and less united, join us and send a message to Westminster that you want your EU membership back, with all its freedoms and benefits.
Contact Rejoin EU at admin@therejoineuparty.com, visit our website at www.therejoineuparty.com and donate at Rejoin EU Party Campaign Fund – a politics crowdfunding project in United Kingdom by Rejoin EU Party ( crowdfunder.co.uk) www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/rejoin-eu-party-campaign-fund. You can also follow the party on Twitter at @rejoinp. Promoted by Richard Hewison on behalf of the Rejoin EU Party, 20 Clyde Terrace, Forest Hill, SE23 3BA.

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